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Behöver du någon att prata med? Känner du oro, stress, nedstämdhet, har problem med relationer eller vill förändra något i ditt liv? Min mottagning finns centralt i Göteborg.

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Therapy - for whom?| In Vision terapi

Therapy can be for everyone at some point in time. Regardless if the purpose is to understand yourself better or grow as a human being. 

anyone might need someone to talk to at some point of time

If you have never been in touch with therapy before, it may feel strange to take the first step. That is quite natural. We don’t often talk abut how we really are, but instead we keep it on the surface, on a neutral level. ”Being fine” is seen as the normal standard. We may find it hard to put into words what we really feel about what is going on inside us.

Coming to therapy doesn’t mean that you’re ill. On the contrary, it can be a way of preventing illness, burn-out or depression. Therapy is an opportunity for you as an individual to air your thoughts, discuss your feelings, get support in finding out why life is as it is and what has formed you to the individual you are.

Therapy can be for everyone, for anyone of us, during a period in life. You are welcome as you are, regardless of what the purpose is. It may be to increase your awareness of who you are, to talk about what’s on your mind, to solve problems or issues, or to grow as a human being.

In therapy with Ann-Charlotte I got the support to express my feelings and to become more conscious about my ways of thinking. She helped me to become friends with myself.
— Female, aged 27