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Would you like to know more or make an appointment? Please call me on 0707 58 78 or send me an e-mail through the formula on this page.

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Behöver du någon att prata med? Känner du oro, stress, nedstämdhet, har problem med relationer eller vill förändra något i ditt liv? Min mottagning finns centralt i Göteborg.

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How does therapy work?| In Vision terapi

Efter ett inledande, kostnadsfritt, samtal träffas vi regelbundet. Vi utgår från det du vill uppnå. Jag har tystnadsplikt. Jag kan ge terapi på engelska.

this is how therapy works

when you are considering therapy:

We meet for an introductory appointment to talk about you, your background, how you experience your situation right now and what you would like to achieve through therapy.

After this meeting, we decide whether we should start to work together and, if so, set the framework for how to work. Usually, we would meet for an hour every week. We meet at my practice which is centrally located in Gothenburg.

Then the work begins. Step by step we go through what you wish to bring up and work with. You lead, so that the work is meaningful to you, I will support you and follow you along the road, to the pace that suits you. For as long as you like.

Once we have started, I expect the closing stages of the work to be decided between us, which means that once we’ve begun working together, I won’t suddenly pull out and I expect you not to do so either. We also plan for ending sessions, when time is right for that.

I am a member of Psykosyntesföreningen (The Swedish Psychosynthesis Association), and am bound by professional secrecy. You can read more about the ethical rules of Psykosyntesföreningen, in Swedish, here.

I have a reduced fee if you are a student, unemployed or on long-term sick leave.

i hold therapy in english and swedish

In my previous occupation I have worked in an international environment and am fluent in English. My therapy training has to a large externt been held in English, and I welcome clients who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue.

It has been a journey. A journey within and together with myself. I have wanted to stop therapy on several occasions and I am proud that I didn’t. I have worked hard to connect my brain and my heart into a whole human being. Not to let only my strong intellect rule but dare to feel instead of think. My journey has changed my relationships to a large extent. I have set limits to the relationships, given words to, reassessed and changed many of them. My biggest challenge has been – and still is – my relationship to myself. It is a life long relationship of love and I see that, through this journey and through having met myself, I have created better preconditions for myself. Thank you, Ann-Charlotte, for having been part of my journey and for asking the right questions.
— Female, aged 37