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Ann-Charlotte Palm - about me| In Vision terapi

My working life have shifted from positions in global business to running my own company as a therapist. I have a diploma in psychosynthesis therapy and a degree in Business Administration.

Ann-Charlotte Palm and in vision - who is that?

In Vision Terapi_ Ann-Charlotte Palm

my background

My name is Ann-Charlotte Palm and I am the owner of In Vision Therapy.
Previously, I have worked in a global corporation with people in a number of countries, in different professions for more than 30 years. This has made me see that we are all individuals with our own needs and feelings, although we may seem different and have different values and cultures with us. Honesty, respect, professionalism and quality are important values for me, and I aspire to live up to them in my work and bring them into my company, In Vision Therapy. 

my journey

I got in touch with psychosynthesis in 2006. I was then in a situation where I felt I had lost myself in my strive to get all differens parts of life to work. I now have a diploms in Psychosynthesis Therapy and also have a degree in Business Administration. I did my psychosynthesis training at the Swedish Institute for Psychosynthesis, Psykosyntes Institutet, in Gothenburg. The training combines theory and work with clients and also includes self development. Should you wish to know more about the training, please go to the homepage of Psykosyntes Institutet. Psykosyntes Institutet are members of EFPP, The European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, which guarantees the quality of the education.


I am a member of Psykosyntesföreningen, the Association for Psychosynthesis, which is an association for psychosynthesis therapists in Sweden. This means that I have agreed to follow ethical standards, which include having regular supervision with an experienced counsellor, taking further education regularly and working under professional secrecy. In Psykosyntesföreningen there is also an impartial committee, the Ethical Committee, to which you could turn, should you have any complaints about my work.