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Therapy - when?| In Vision terapi

When you come to therapy, you will get support to find out what is hurting, see how it influences your life and find ways to change. Coming to therapy doesn't mean that you are ill, it could be a way to prevent illness. It gives you the opportunity to air your thoughts, talk about your feelings and get support in finding out why life is as it is.

what is therapy? when can therapy be useful?

Therapy doesn’t mean that you’re ill. But sometimes life is an effort, full of worries or stress – sometimes it may feel miserable or meaningless. Sometimes we are frustrated, feel that we have more to give and would like to develop our potential but don’t see how – we may not know in which direction to go. How we feel may be triggered by things that happen in our lives or by our own feelings or thoughts. In situations like this, someone to talk to could be useful.

By coming to therapy you will get support to find where your distress lies, see how this influences your life and find ways to change. It is a chance for you as an individual to air your thoughts, discuss your feelings, get support in finding out why life is as it is and what has formed you into the person you are. The road to change starts within. And no issue is too small or too large to bring in.

The work in therapy always starts with your own situation and your need, regardless of whether you are in a crisis situation or feel it is time to find yourself, find your will or to develop. You are the one who leads where you want to go while I support and guide you. I prefer to work with longer processes where you as a client are in focus, allowing the time needed.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.
— Sören Kirkegaard, philosopher

how are you, really?

We all, occasionally, run into difficulties in life, at work or in our private life; difficulties which can be hard to handle or that evoke feelings we are not used to. Irritation or tiredness may make life difficult. Maybe we are experiencing stress, tension, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration or other feelings that make life a bit harder – we may not even know where the feelings come from or why they have turned up. On such occasions, it may be beneficial to talk to someone, someone who is neutral, professional and stand by us.

who are you, deep inside?

We all have different roles, both privately and at work, and we show different sides of ourselves in various situations. We are affected by, and affect, our environment, with or without being aware of it, regardless if we want to or not. Getting more conscious of who we are behind our roles and masks can help us to be more honest to ourselves and our values, and also to the people around us. Our relationships improve if we dare to be true and honest- both to ourselves but also to others. I support you in finding out who you are behind your masks. 

what do you want from life?

Surely, most of us have sometimes contemplated our lives, the choices we have made and what we would like the future to hold. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we wanted due to a number of facts. External circumstances, but also a lack of will, determination or understanding of how we affect our environment and what happens in life, influence the result. When you need someone to talk to who doesn’t have a predetermined view of what you “ought to”, “should” or “must” do, I can accompany you along your path towards the life you would like to lead.

therapy can be for everyone, regardless of if you have landed in a life crisis, wish to DEVELOP to get more out of life or INCREASE your awareness of who you are.